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We are a social innovation and tech entrepreneurship program enabling the brightest young minds to solve the most complex problems in the world. By blending purpose and leadership, we shape the leaders of tomorrow. Our program is all about guiding you to find your unique purpose while addressing real-life issues.

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Global Mentors

Mark Searle

Faculty Director The Purpose Academy & Industry Fellow, SCET, College of Engineering UC Berkeley

Andre Marquis

Senior Fellow, Haas School of Business UC Berkeley

Elizabeth Saunders

Chief of Staff & Mentor, Innovation Acceleration Group

Manav Subodh

Former Global Ambassador & Mentor, SCET, College of Engineering UC Berkeley & Co-founder, 1M1B

Sudhir Subbaraman

Instructor:System Thinking Business Unit Leader and Ex Senior Vice President CGI and Partner, Sattva Consulting

Saffin Mathew

Senior Mentor: Responsible AI

Dr. Swati Subodh

Senior Mentor: Healthcare & Infectious diseases

Irene Manning

Senior Mentor: Climate Action

Purpose gurus

CEO, Plastic Revolution Foundation Ex. Minister of Environment and International Development, Norway, Ex. Executive Director, UN Environment


Co-founder & VP, Pixar Animation Producer, Toy Story (1995) Executive Producer, Electronic Arts (2000-2002) CEO, Alligator Planet (2002-Present)


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Camellia Bhattacharya


Iʼve really been loving the mentoring sessions because I often feel uncomfortable to speak in a large group, I feel intimidated by the people who are so confident, but today it has all changed. The mentoring sessions have really helped me break out of my shell.

Madhav Malik

Jaypee Public School

Honestly, I can’t thank The Purpose Academy enough. This program has truly transformed my life and the way I used to look at challenges. I believe soon I will be able to come up with my own startups and impact the lives of many people. Thank you so much!

Sanchit Jain

DLF Public School

The biggest takeaway is the fact that my purpose towards my life and my purpose towards my start-up, if different, can have a deteriorating impact on the profits of the start-up. For every decision, we should define the purpose behind it, to avoid regrets over that in the future.

Divanshu Chauhan

Blue Bells Public School

We donʼt just want to become Entrepreneurs; we should be Social Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs just think about a problem, solutions, and earning revenue, whereas Social Entrepreneurs think of how their solutions will change the world.